General Terms of Returns

Returns are accepted within 14 days from the date of receipt, with return to the e-shop. In this case, it is necessary to contact us by phone at 24670-22232 to inform us about the product to be returned and to arrange for its replacement or refund corresponding to it.

It is pointed out that the shipping costs of the entire return process (ie return of the product to the store and delivery of the new product to you) are borne exclusively by you.

It is pointed out that that in order for any product return to be accepted, the item in question must not have been used, no label or markings (eg stickers, brand marking, etc.) on the products must have been removed. Also, all items should be returned in excellent condition received without damage, without any defects (subject to the return of a defective product) and be complete. The product to be returned must also be accompanied by the relevant purchase documents (retail receipt or change card).

As long as the return / replacement is due to a proven defect of the product, the shipping costs of the new product are borne by us. is responsible for compensation in case of lack of agreed quality or the existence of a defect, only if this has been caused by our fault.

Returned products are at your own risk until they reach us. Make sure they are properly packaged and cannot be damaged during transport. Any damage to the product upon its return to us is the sole responsibility of you.

To avoid your own inconvenience, we recommend that you carefully check at the time of delivery of your order the condition of the products and the integrity of their packaging and label, in order to identify any obvious defects.

Returns we receive outside of our policy terms will not be accepted, and will be refunded to you at your own expense.